How to Set Up a Blog in Under an Hour, Your First Post, MGV3

Your First Post

Video 3

You have a hosting account with Bluehost. You will not need access to your Bluehost control panel except to set up email addresses and perform file management. When you do go to and log in. Your user name is your domain name and I hope you wrote down your password.

You also have a username and password for your website or blog. To login to your WordPress control panel go to: (use your domain) your username was admin unless you changed it and you wrote down your password or have an email with it..

WordPress is the most popular content management software available for blogs and websites. You have the choice of using static pages like a traditional brochure type website or posts for a blog or both.
Let’s get started:

  • Open a new browser window and type in your URL domain name. This is the way your blog looks with all the default settings
  • Log into your WordPress control panel, (use your actual domain) bookmark this for easy access
  • Enter your admin and password.  You are in the control panel area. We will edit the default post and a sample “about” page.

Now let’s edit the existing post

  • Hover your cursor over posts and select “all posts”
  • Hover your cursor over the existing post and select “edit”
  • In the box change the name of the post and write a short article in the body box
  • Click publish on the upper right hand side
  • Edit the existing “About” page using the same instructions as above.