How to Set Up a Blog in Under an Hour, Open Your Host Account, MGV 2

Open Your Host Account

Video 2

Now that you have a domain name picked out you can set up your blog. There are blog hosts that are free such as You can even use your domain name on for about $10. My recommendation however is not to use one of these blogging platforms unless you have no money. These free blog platforms are not as friendly to commercial ventures (money making), and they limit the add-on tools we need. Many of the sites don’t allow advertising.

We use whenever we can to register our domains and host our blog or websites. We also have accounts with other hosting sites such as HostGator and FatCow.

Go to BlueHost and click the” sign up now box”.
• Under “domain check”, type in the domain name you want to purchase
• Add your registration information
• Subscribe to the 12 month $7.95 per month hosting account
• Pay with your credit card and press next
• Click the button for the control panel
• Scroll down to the software section and check the “WordPress” icon and then click install
• Under step two enter your blog name. You can change this later if you want
• Keep the username as admin for now you can change it later and create your password
• Step three, legal, check the two checkboxes
• Write down your admin name and password.

In the next video we will customize our webpage and write our first post.