Building Your Customer Base, Public Relations

Air Conditioning Heating Contractors should design their Marketing Plan to build a customer base. You might experiment and test other strategies, but building your business by building customers is the proven method.

Public relations should be part of your marketing plan.  You and your employees need to be in and around people and potential customers, as much as possible.

There are many ways to become involved in community relations and when these influential people see you working your tail off, for free, for a good cause, you will start banking all kinds of good will, marketing influence and capital.

Pick your club or charity and go forth and perform good deeds.

A Few Low Cost HVAC Marketing Tools

Advertising is part of marketing.  Marketing is everything you do to promote  your business.

The first challenge in marketing is getting noticed.  Your customers get bombarded daily with  messages.  Getting your message through  to your prospect takes some work.  You must first create curiosity.  If your  marketing target isn’t curious about your message, your message falls on deaf  ears.

Our teenagers do outrageous things to get noticed.  You may have to do some outrageous things too.

  • Ask everyone you meet for their business.  Train your employees to ask everyone they meet for their business.
  • What is your elevator message?  A one liner explaining what your company does?  Introduce yourself to strangers using your elevator message.
  • Ask all your vendors for their business
  • Put your business card on those public bulletin boards you find in businesses
  • Market your USP (unique selling proposition)Your Company name?
  • Do you have a unique business logo?
  • Do you have a unique slogan?
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Equipment stickers
  • Door hangers
  • Do you know someone that can write a catchy, unique jingle for your company?
  • Do you have an advertising message for customers on hold?
  • Sponsor sports teams
  • Yard signs
  • T-shirts, and ball caps
  • Get an e-mail address from everyone you meet

There are hundreds of marketing methods.  You can use most of them.

What is your HVAC Marketing USP?

If you have been reading many marketing articles or books you know what a USP is.  Unique Selling Proposition.  What is unique about your business that is hard to duplicate?  Many marketing Guru’s will tell you a USP is essential, but it’s not.

Many businesses are successful and their owners do well without ever identifying their USP.  If you are in a business like HVAC Services, you have tens to hundreds of local competitors who sell the same thing you sell.  Coming up with something unique is difficult.  If you are going to invest heavily in HVAC Marketing to grow your business,  you want something that your competition can’t easily duplicate and take your customers.

Start out by describing what you would like your company to represent.  This can be things like the low cost provider or average cost or high price provider.  Decide if you want your company to be a Wal-Mart or a Nordstrom.  Both are successful strategies.  Will you be the 1000 pound gorilla or fast ninja in your market?  Will you be highly specialized or all things to all people. Document this vision, prioritize and write down a plan to achieve these objectives.

Most companies end up using the company name as the hard to duplicate USP.  Put some thought into the
company name to make sure it is not easily duplicated.

If you need an example of a real world Marketing Plan for an HVAC Contractor, see that chapter in my book “The HVAC Maintenance Department”