How to Set Up a Blog in Under an Hour, Open Your Host Account, MGV 2

Open Your Host Account

Video 2

Now that you have a domain name picked out you can set up your blog. There are blog hosts that are free such as You can even use your domain name on for about $10. My recommendation however is not to use one of these blogging platforms unless you have no money. These free blog platforms are not as friendly to commercial ventures (money making), and they limit the add-on tools we need. Many of the sites don’t allow advertising.

We use whenever we can to register our domains and host our blog or websites. We also have accounts with other hosting sites such as HostGator and FatCow.

Go to BlueHost and click the” sign up now box”.
• Under “domain check”, type in the domain name you want to purchase
• Add your registration information
• Subscribe to the 12 month $7.95 per month hosting account
• Pay with your credit card and press next
• Click the button for the control panel
• Scroll down to the software section and check the “WordPress” icon and then click install
• Under step two enter your blog name. You can change this later if you want
• Keep the username as admin for now you can change it later and create your password
• Step three, legal, check the two checkboxes
• Write down your admin name and password.

In the next video we will customize our webpage and write our first post.

How to Set Up a Blog or Website In Under an Hour, Picking a Name, Part 1

In this series of 4 Videos and posts we will walk you through step by step, how to set up a WordPress Blog in under an hour. One qualification, this hour does not include the time it takes you to write articles. You may already have them written or you may have severe writers block. Make sure you leave a comment about anything that is unclear.

This Video covers key word research and selecting a domain name.  Failure to do the research is almost guaranteed failure.

You need to put some thought into what you’re going to accomplish with your blog. There are usually two basic answers.

  • The most common goal is to:  Attract free traffic from the search engines.  You want the searcher to select your site when looking for information to buy a product or service you sell.  This would include searching in Google.
  • You might want to set up an online brochure for your brand.  This is called a “vanity site” because the only people that will find it are the ones using you site name as the exact search terms.  This is equivalent to a listing in the phone book.  Unless they are looking for you, they won’t find you. The blog “domain” or “URL” has a major affect on how your site ranks in search engines. If the domain name includes or is a match the site, it will rank higher than an identical site without the search terms included. The search terms are referred to as keywords.
  • If you’re building a brand, use your name or your company’s name.
  • If you want to rank high for search terms or keywords that customers might use to find a company to do business with, pick a domain name containing the keywords customers will use to search. An example would be that has the keyword “HVAC Service”. Unfortunately all of these good keywords have already been taken.
  • There is an exception and it’s good for air conditioning contractors. If you are in Dallas, you don’t really want to rank on Google’s first page in New York or Paris France. You can select a domain with keywords plus a geographic qualifier. Many of these geographic names are still available.  You would want, as an example, Unfortunately many of these domains in major metropolitan areas have also been taken but it’s never too soon to reserve a domain name with high traffic potential. How do you find out what the most used search terms are? Professionals that do a lot of keyword research use a tool. We use Market Samurai. There are also free tools available from Google. If you are not doing a lot of keyword research there is no point in spending days learning how.  You can use the research here or send me an e-mail describing what you want to accomplish and I will generate a report for you. Your assignment is to pick your keywords and find an available domain name.
  • The exact keywords are best
  • If the exact keyword domain is not available add a prefix or suffix or another high ranking keyword.  (headquarters) or DallasHVAC • .com, .net and .org are recommended in that order
  • Short domains are better than long ones.
  • Don’t use a word owned by someone else like Trane or Carrier

Facebook Timeline Security Settings

FaceBook Timeline Security Settings

Timeline will be installed on everyone’s account in the next few weeks.  This affects your wall page, allowing you or your visitors to see your posts and information in a time sequence or timeline.  You need to determine if you want this information public, for friends only or private.

See the video for a visual tutorial.

We recommend you use your basic Facebook account for family and close friends. You can set up a group page or a business page for non-family. When timeline is installed on your profile you will have seven days to change privacy settings before the default settings go live. You don’t have to check every post or picture; you can change your default and history as a group.  You can also review every post or picture and select if you want it viewed by the public, friends or private.

Watch the video or follow these directions

  • Set the default level go to the upper right-hand corner of any screen select the down arrow and click on the privacy settings
  • Scroll down to “limit audience for past posts”
  • Click on “manage post visibility” and a pop-up appears
  • If you want to set privacy settings for each post, read “learn about changing old posts” in the lower left-hand of the pop-up, if you want to set all past posts as a group click “confirm”

To set your privacy settings for future posts go to the privacy settings area and select the radio button for:

  • Public
  • Friends
  • Private