Michael Glover

About Michael Glover

You should care less, hearing about me.  Your customers don’t want to hear about you either, and you should always remember that when marketing.  People are interested only in “What Can You Do for Me” and there is nothing wrong with that.

Until you get to know me, you might want to know if I’m the real deal or some blow hard that has read a few books or articles.  You will find some information about my experience, history and some of my opinions in the next few paragraphs.

My personality profile is a driver, and I’m also an analytical.  It really gets frustrating wanting to deal with the bottom line and at the same time having an internal desire for the detailed numbers.  Like many entrepreneurs and HVAC Contractors, that also have the driver personality, I get easily bored with doing the same thing every day and have been known to stir up a hornets’ nest just to have something to fix.  I have had many successes and just as many failures.  Of course failure is the indication that I am willing to push the envelope and try new things.

If you don’t use personality profiles in your business, you are missing an important tool and creating difficulty for yourself and those that work for you.  Tools save time and frustration.  You can get there without them, but a good tool used in the right situation is priceless.

My Experience

  • My father was a mechanical contractor.  I’ve always blamed and credited him for getting me into this business.
  • I got married young, got bored with college and went to work for a big union mechanical contractor as an estimator.  I was the only unlicensed, non-union estimator in the company.  I learned a lot.
  • I soon became bored again and went to work for what was left of the Chrysler AC Distributor in Dallas.  This was a non-union, service/replacement based company.  After about a year I convinced the retiring owners to sell the business to me.  A quarter million in cash in 1973 was a tidy sum for a 22 year old to borrow from the bank.  Of course I had to convince family to guarantee the note.  I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about business.  Luckily the business came with a full time CPA that had been with the company for years.  I learned a lot.
  • The first year was a struggle, but I learned fast.  At 26, five years later I made the front page of the Dallas Morning News Business Section with the headline “Firm Changes Gear, Profits Nod Approval”.  The story was about the sales increase from $800,000. to $3,000,000., in five years.
  • Before I sold this business in 1984, sales had increased to over five million in service replacement HVAC and Refrigeration with 2 branch offices.  We were running 25 service trucks.
  • You can read the following articles featuring my opinions at the time:
    • Air-conditioning Refrigeration Business (Cont. Buis.) June 1978  “Selling Service is More Than Waiting For the Phone to Ring”
    • Contracting Business Jan 1982 “Positioning for Industrial Service”
    • Contracting Business December 1983 “PSSSST There’s Money in Steam Conservation”
    • Air Conditioning Today July 1991  Article on budgeting for service companies
    • I also served on the board of Dallas ACCA and as its President.  Our major accomplishment that year was passing the Texas Contractors Licensing Law.
  • Service Sales      … I was one of the pioneers of HVAC service sales. In recent years I      managed operations and sales for publicly traded Southwest Division of      Encompass (100+ service trucks) and the Prager Division of Rexnord      (Design, manufacture, service/repair of power transmissions for wind      turbines, cooling towers and ships). Both divisions enjoyed significant      growth under my leadership.
  • Consulting … I had the opportunity to support dozens of HVAC service businesses during my      association with Service America in the early 1990’s. Support included      training managers, sales people, service techs, developing service agreement      programs and contractor budgeting tools.       I’m currently training contractors in AC service based Energy Efficiency      programs and processes including preventive maintenance.
  • Building Construction … In concert with family members, I spent five years in      the Design/Build General Construction industry. Managing design teams and      construction of ground-up buildings, I gained experience and insight into      multiple building trades and energy efficient buildings.

Technical Qualifications and Certifications:

  • CEM … I      obtained a “CEM” Certified Energy Manager credential from the Association      of Energy Engineers in 1996. When you’ve earned the right to put the      initials “CEM” behind your name, you’ve distinguished yourself among      energy management professionals.
  • LEED AP Accreditation in 2009… Building industry professionals who have demonstrated      a thorough understanding of green building and the LEED Green Building Rating      System. The LEED AP credential indicates that the professional has      the knowledge and skills to facilitate the LEED certification process.      LEED Professional


  • Past President: North Texas ACCA, Air Conditioning      Contractors of America
  • Past President: North Texas Association of Energy      Engineers

Most people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Email or call me anytime, no kidding, if I can help you.